let me taste the wetness of your lips
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Join us as we interview the international band of musicians that play their music in the metros of Madrid…


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The big question, or a big question, is should we define ourselves by our jobs. Indeed, how many classes must a man teach before you can call him a man? There are jobs, however, of such singularity and uniqueness that it seems that the very essence of a person is a coagulation of sweat and steel that fuses their working and private selves. Their specific sagacity gives them a universal appeal but are there comparable jobs in the modern world? To paraphrase the great Black Eyes Peas, where is the love (of romantic jobs)?  Continue reading

Last Words

Last Words

Melanie Lawrence is an English musician who has lived and performed in Madrid for three years. She preparing to release her album Last Words. I was her photographer for the photo shoot for the album art and we took shots all over the city.
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